Modern factory for the
production of flexible packaging
We create packaging to make food accessible and safe for people.


Printing house «Parus» LLC produces the best European equipment, which allows us to create products with the characteristics that best meet the requirements of our Clients and put new innovative products on the market.

HSRT-TR65 — 1800 three-layer extruder for producing three-layer PE film

Three-layer extruder for the production of three-layer PE film (model HSRT-TR65 — 1800).
Maximum film width: 1700 mm
LDPE film thickness: 0.02 — 0.2 mm
Maximum output: LDPE 250 kg/h

COMEXI flexographic printing machine

Spanish COMEXI flexographic printing machines with a printing range of up to 8 colors of the latest generation with the ability to print on the back side of the film.



NORDMECCANICA SUPER-COMBI laminators (for solvent and water-base coatings and adhesives as well as solvent-free adhesives).

The Super Combi 3000 laminator has a compact size, combines combi style with the ability to replace cover modules with different laminating technology, allowing you to create a wide range of coatings and laminates. A high efficiency dryer determines high productivity and quality.

The laminator is equipped with an effective vapor extraction system.

The machine is equipped with a cooling cylinder for a better lamination process.

Digital control of machine logic via PLC controller with Profinet protocol.

«Nordmeccanica Syntesis» — control system, which allows you to control all the parameters of the machine and monitor its operation.

The machine is designed to meet the high safety requirements of the operating personnel. All rotating mechanisms and gears are covered with special panels, and opening doors and covers are equipped with limit switches.

Fleet of slitters and cutting machines for the production of packaging and packages of various configurations (JURMET, HEMINGSTONE).

Bobbin cutter, model FSL — T 1300 V

бобинорезальная машина (1)

Reel cutter for slitting rolls of thin materials such as cellophane, polyethylene, polypropylene film, multi-layer combined films such as OPP, BOPP, etc., as well as PVC film, foil, laminated foil, various types of offset paper, coated paper, etc., with and without printing.

When winding output bobbins, it compensates possible unevenness in thickness of the source material. The machine is equipped with three motors (each winding shaft is driven from its own motor and the main motor) which allows to wind coils with different diameters simultaneously on each of the winding shafts and to set the rotation of the winding shafts in different directions.

Plastic waste pelletizer, model YDN-2V-65

Automatic package making machine HM-800W+CK


Automatic VIKET bagging machine with conveyor belt for the production of polyethylene/polypropylene bags with side seam in a stack for further use in bread/crouton packaging machines.

High-performance automatic bag making machine with 5 servo winders for the production of polyethylene/polypropylene bags in a pile for further use in automatic packaging lines for bread, chicken, etc. The bags are made in piles, with a valve and two 14mm diameter punch holes, placed on the two pins of a special exit conveyor of roundabout type (wicket). The machine is equipped with a web leveling device before the punching device and the wicket conveyor.

JP-32SE-SV High-Speed Side Seam Automatic Bagging Machine

HEMINGSTONE high-speed automatic machine with electronic control for the production of thermo-weldable side-seam bags.  As a starting material can be used sleeve films of low and high pressure polyethylene, polypropylene.


  • Pre-printing Preparation;
  • Professional color separation;
  • Advanced software that allows you to take into account the characteristics and properties of both packaging and printing equipment;
  • Production of a digital color proof for approval by the Client;
  • Design development.